Cookbook Club

Welcome to The Cookbook Club!
An opportunity to get together socially and sample food we have prepared.
How does it work?
We meet in the evening of the third Tuesday of every month, starting Tuesday 17th January, 2017.
We choose a cookbook that is brought to the social evening. We all choose recipes from that book and take screenshots of the recipe we are making. We spread the choices so that we have an equal number of starters,mains and desserts.
We prepare our chosen recipe and bring to the next social evening.The food is prepared as per the recipe so there is no need to double quantities.The food is brought to the host’s house in its dish and with serving spoon(s) so there is no need to wash up. You take your dish home with you at the end of the night.

If you need to reheat your dish,this can be done at the host’s house.

We will have a rota for bringing wine,soft drinks and paper plates so the host does not have too much work.

Alternatively, we may select a themed evening or an International evening where people can select their recipes from the internet.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Contact Devika Mather for more information.