Junior Explorers

je2     Our mission as the Junior Explorers is to provide an affinity group for young women who seek to experience all the great things Bermuda has to offer, while simultaneously enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded friends. The junior explorers share together to create monthly experiences that include hiking outings, private group fitness classes, seasonal crafts, potluck lunches, tourist-like adventures, water sports…and the occasional tea time to commiserate about inevitable tribulations that are a part of navigating new and unfamiliar territory.


November Activities: Explore Seaglass Beach & English High Tea Time in St. George’s!

December Activities: Christmas potluck lunch at Jenna’s + Cookie swap & Secret Santa at Sammy’s

January Activities: Little Women’s Night Out + Bonfire at the beach!

February Activities: Swizzle Inn Trivia Night +Afternoon Tea + Valentine’s Crafternoon!

March Activities: Whale watching picnic at Cooper’s Island + St. Patrick’s Day potluck & cocktail night at Mandy’s!

April Activities: Potluck lunch at Hillary’s & Easter Egg Decorating!

May Activities: Wadson’s Farm Visit & Afternoon Tea!

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Happy Exploring!

For dates and details regarding activities check out or ask to be added to our Facebook page 🙂

If you want to be involved please contact Kati Neuber or Sammy Fairless

Contact: kati.lee.neuber@gmail.com or (441) 705 3042

sfairless90@gmail.com or (441) 705-3975

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