AGM Minutes 2018

AGM Minutes 2018


Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 12:40 pm Divots Bar and Grill, Warwick

Present: Carol Thomsen (CT), Jackie Walsh (JW), Anne Neher (AN), Louise Foden-Pattinson (LFP), Marie Antons (MA), Tara Sullivan (TS), Michelle Frumkin (MF), Tiffani Stutzman (and general membership (per attached list)

1.               It was agreed that CT take the Chair and MA act as Secretary to the annual general meeting and keep the minutes thereof.

2.               The Secretary confirmed that notice of the meeting had been sent to all members entitled thereto and that a quorum (more than 20) was present.

3.               MINUTES

It was agreed that he minutes of the previous annual general meeting held on 11th May, 2016 would be circulated to members at the next available opportunity either President’s Coffee in September or the October luncheon and would be voted on at that point.


TS presented the unaudited financial statements for the year ended 30th June, 2017. She noted that the Board had approved the waiving of audited financial statements and had also approved the filing of the unaudited financial statements with the Registrar in accordance with the Charities Act.

It was unanimously RESOLVED that the waiving of audited financial statements be approved. It was FURTHER RESOLVED that the unaudited financial statements be approved.

Proposed by Sylvia Lussing and seconded by Grace Johnson.

5.               BOARD NOMINATIONS

CT thanked the outgoing Board for their invaluable service during the year. She then introduced the Board nominees for 2018/19 as proposed by the Nominations Committee:

  • President                                         Jackie Walsh
  • 1st VP - Membership                    Lindsay Liotta Forness
  • 2nd VP – Philanthropy                Louise Foden- Pattinson
  • 3rd VP – Programs                       Karin Sjolin Frudd
  • 4th VP –Hospitality                      Chris Bellerose
  • New Islanders                                Malika Adams
  • Publicity                                          Marie Antons
  • Publications                                   Debbie Silverman
  • Secretary                                         Sherrall Illston
  • Social                                               Tiffani Stutzman
  • Treasurer                                        Odile Stefani
  • Webmaster                                     Laura Toavs

A call for further nominations from the members’ present was made. No further nominations were received.

Proposed Anne Neher and seconded by Catherine Shinnick

It was unanimously RESOLVED that the nominees be appointed.


CT presented the final list of 2017/18 proposed grant recipients as recommended by the Board:

Bermuda Education Network (BEN)

Bermuda Islands Association for the Deaf (BIAD)

It was unanimously RESOLVED that the grant recipients be approved.

MA noted that in addition to the grants the Board recommended that the $11,000 proceeds from the March 2018 Art Exhibition should be awarded to BIOS and the Bermuda Sloop Foundation.

It was unanimously RESOLVED that the Art Exhibition recipients be approved.

CT thanked all members that had supported IWC and other philanthropic activities.

7.                  ANY OTHER BUSINESS

Activities and Social organisers were thanked for another fabulous year and it was confirmed that Racquet Day, Art and Golf would continue through the Summer.

End of meeting 1.30pm proposed by Grace Johnson and seconded by Sylvia Lussing.