Weekly Activities

Walking Group – Monday mornings free

Golf Clinic – Tuesday mornings $10 for golf, $2 for coffee & pastries

Golf Roll Up – Mondays 9:30 tee time, $45 green fee includes shared cart

Mahjong – Tuesday afternoons $10

Badminton – Thursday afternoons $10

Tennis – Thursday mornings $25

Art Group – Friday mornings free

Photography group – Tuesday afternoons – Free – (twice a month)


Monthly Activities

New Islanders Coffee – Third Wednesday of the month free

New Islanders Activity – last Wednesday of the month (i.e. visits to Bermuda landmarks, historical sites) Cost based on the activity

Photography Group – Free

Golf Tournaments (Scramble Team) – Dates, Greens & Cart fees based on Golf Club

Book Club in the afternoon – Last Thursday of the month

Evening Book Club – First Tuesday of the month

Evening Cookbook Group – Third Tuesday of the month

Second Wednesday of September-“President’s Coffee” at a member’s home, 10:00-12:00 PM. First event of the season-come reconnect with your IWC friends. Free.

Second Wednesday of Every Month: Luncheons & General Meetings at local restaurants with informational speakers. Normal Cost $40.

Second Wednesday of June: “President’s Coffee” at a member’s home, 10:00-12:00 PM. Last event of the season-come see your IWC friends and find out their summer plans. Grant cheques are given to the charities.


Annual Activities

Three evening Social Events with events like miniature golf or a quiz night.

End of year social event, like a party at the zoo.

Philanthropic events are also held throughout the year which are both social and raise money for charity.