Our Mission

IWC Bermuda has been host to women from all parts of the world since 1981. IWC Bermuda offers a wide range of activities to a diverse group of women (current membership includes more than 200 women), offering to all who participate something they can enjoy. For many, the IWC is a lifeline, helping  make Bermuda a home away from home. The most important and unique philanthropic thing we do is support the newest members of our community while they work out the complexities of island life. It is a place to network, make friends and develop a comfortable support system. The IWC is a philanthropic organisation and we support local charities by giving money or help in other ways. Click Here to find out more about the History of the IWC.

The four goals of IWC Bermuda are to promote intellectual growth, to encourage social fellowship, to provide service to the community and to assist in the integration of newcomers to Bermuda.