The International Women's Club of Bermuda has been host to women from all parts of the world since 1981. IWC Bermuda offers a wide range of activities to a diverse group of women (current membership includes more than 200 women), offering to all who participate something they can enjoy. For many, the IWC is a lifeline, helping make Bermuda a home away from home. The most important initiative we support is encouraging the newest members of our community while they work out the complexities of island life. It is a place to network, make friends, and develop a comfortable support system. The IWC is a philanthropic organization, and we support local charities by giving money or help in other ways. The four goals of IWC Bermuda are to promote intellectual growth, to encourage social fellowship, to provide service to the community, and to assist in the integration of newcomers to Bermuda.


The IWC gives 100% of our net proceeds from membership dues and fundraising to Bermuda charities.



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Adventure Awaits

The IWC hosts a variety of events and activities.  From tennis to sailing and everything in between, there is something for everyone.

Ready to Serve?

Our members participate in many philanthropic activities.  Our Annual Art Exhibition features pieces created by our members and also local artists.  All proceeds benefit Bermuda charities.

Reach Out

New to the island?  Been here for years and ready to connect? The IWC stands ready to assist.  We offer mentoring through our New Islanders program and also a variety of social events, ensuring an opportunity to meet new faces.


  • Team IWC (Island Without Cancer) raised $2,250 for the Bermuda Cancer & Health Center via the 2021 Bermuda Relay for Life
  • IWC 2021 Grant Recipients: $9,000 to Women's Resource Centre and $2,600 to Bermuda Diabetes Association