IWC History

IWC History

Malissa Jett oversees completion of club’s bylaws updates

Malissa Jett served as President during the 2016/2017 IWC year. We were finally able to complete the revisions to our By Laws at the end of Malissa’s term. The proposed By Laws were distributed to members over the summer and then unanimously accepted at the President’s Coffee in September under…Read More

Alison Watson helps establish new member events: beach days an end of year party

Alison Watson served as President from 2015/2016. During this time, the Board continued to work hard on the By Laws but, unfortunately, still ran out of time to complete them, as new regulations meant more changes. We also recognized the need for younger women to meet with others their own…Read More

IWC hosts Premier Dunkley at the Art and Photographic Exhibition and Mrs. Dunkley at Americas’ Cup luncheon

Gillian Kersse served as President from 2014/2015. By Laws continued to be reviewed; however, with more changes to the economic climate, further amendments needed to be made, which continued into the next IWC year. The tennis group was brought back to life; and with the changes in the demographics of…Read More

Jennifer Carnegie and Gillian Kersse oversee club bylaws update

Jennifer Carnegie served as President for the 2013/2014 IWC year. During this year, the By Laws committee continued their work, reviewing and amending to bring them in line with other charities/non-profits in Bermuda. Unfortunately, Jennifer had to leave the Island before the end of her full term, passing the reins…Read More

IWC leaves General Federation of Women’s Club, USA during Patrice Blue-Williams’ term

Patrice Blue-Williams served as President for the 2012/2013 IWC year. Under her presidency, Jennifer Carnegie took on the role to review the current By Laws and Standing Rules. After much Board discussion, it was felt that the IWC Bermuda was now an independent club and no longer needed to be…Read More

IWC celebrates its 30th anniversary during Nancy Frith’s term

From 2010 to 2012, Nancy Frith served as IWC President. During her term, the IWC celebrated it’s 30th anniversary with a Gala Dinner Dance held at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. The Gala was attended by four IWC Past Presidents and many long-serving members, several of whom came from off-island to share…Read More

Jennifer Collum-Glassman oversees the launch of the IWC website and branding

Jennifer Collum-Glassman served as IWC President from 2008-2010. During Jen’s term the club went green and launched a new website. The enhanced online presence enabled the club to provide an online Membership Directory saving the club over $3000 in hardcopy directory printing costs. Through the year, 99% of club members…Read More

Sonja Golinski establishes IWC service days and food drives

Sonja Golinski served as President from 2006-2008. During Sonja’s term, the position of Membership Chairperson and Database Chairperson were combined. Due to increased technology and to help facilitate better communication, the two positions were merged to better serve the Club. This also brought about necessary by-law changes and, while in…Read More

Eve Finnbogason continues digitization of club’s operations

Eve Finnbogason held the office of President from 2004-2006. During Eve’s term, the Directory and subsequently the Club database were converted to new electronic formats, which greatly assisted in compiling and using the data. Also on the technical front, e-mail communication became the norm with many members receiving electronic Newsletters…Read More

Jennie Lee O’Donnell ushers in a new modern era with club’s rename to International Women’s Club, website development and new philanthropic focus

Jennie Lee O’Donnell served as President from 2002-2004. As President, Jennie Lee oversaw the constitutional change of the club’s name from International American Women’s Club to International Women’s Club as well as significant modifications in application procedures of new members in an effort to streamline the membership process. Modifications in…Read More

IWC celebrates its 20th anniversary

During 2000-02, Wendy Gray, following the unexpected departure in 2000 of the newly-elected President Melanie Feller O’Neill, held the office of President. In 2001 the Club celebrated its 20th anniversary with a dinner and dance at La Coquille, which was attended by the Founding President, Rosella Hutchison.

Jane Kline ushers in the year 2000 with a Millennium Fair

During the Presidency of Jane Kline 1998-2000 the Club celebrated the arrival of the year 2000 with a Millennium Fair at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.

Susan Basch helps establish IWC as a registered charity on the island

In 1996-1998, during the Presidency of Susan Basch, the Club became a registered charity and the membership reached an all-time high of 295 members. The sum of $22,500 was donated to Bermuda charities.

Leisure Artists committee showing at National Gallery

The Leisure Artists committee has its first showing at the National Gallery in 1996 and donates the proceeds to the philanthropic purposes of the Club.

Heather Conyers establishes Leisure Artists committee

Heather Conyers held the office of President during 1994-1996. As President, Heather witnessed a number of Constitutional changes. Among those changes was the clarification of the Club privileges to New Islanders and the granting of unlimited sponsorship and proposer-ship privileges to the members of the New Islanders Committee. An annual…Read More

Cheryl Shane lifts limits on membership

In 1992-1994 Cheryl Shane held the Presidency. The Constitution was again amended to remove all restrictions and limits on membership. The objectives were also altered to reflect the main purpose of the Club – assisting newcomers’ adjustment to the Island. Ten thousand dollars each year was donated to Bermuda charities.

Virginia Jennings oversees increases to membership limits

In 1991-1992, during the Presidency of Virginia Jennings, the Club voted to increase the membership limit to 275 and redefine the membership categories.

2nd presidency of Vivian Stephen and establishment of New Islanders committee

In 1989, during the Presidency of Vivian Stephens, the Club year began with the President’s Coffee at Government House through the kindness of Lady Langley. A valuable service was rendered to ladies who were made welcome in Bermuda through the tireless efforts of the newly formed New Islanders Committee.

Christine Popper introduces Christmas Open House

In 1988, during the Presidency of Christine Popper, Philanthropic efforts continued to be financially rewarding and a Christmas Open House was introduced.

Pamela Ferreira ushers in club’s digital revolution

In 1986, during the Presidency of Pamela Ferreira, the computerization of the Club took place. The newsletter and yearbook were transformed into a more professional composition. The Club’s Constitution and By-Laws were updated and 25 Amendments and four Standing Rules were adopted. New Members’ coffees were introduced.