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New Islanders

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The New Islanders group is often the first point of contact with the IWC for women moving to Bermuda or who are new to the club.  For new residents, the relocation can be difficult, especially without assistance. The New Islanders mentors help newcomers settle in quickly by providing them with helpful information about life in Bermuda. For those women who are new to the club rather than new to the island, it provides them with the opportunity to join in with the IWC’s wide range of activities and meet other members with the same interests

We arrange monthly coffee mornings, varied guided tours of the island, Happy Hours and many other activities. This allows everyone to meet and socialize and is a great platform for meeting new friends and getting to know the island.

Please email, and the New Islanders chairperson will contact you with more details.  

We look forward to meeting you!